Smart Online Exam Android App with Admin Panel [with source code]

How to build a Smart Online Exam App Using Android Studio?

In this tutorial, you will understand, to build an intelligent online exam app. So let’s not waste time and focus straight on how you can develop such an app.

About Smart Online Exam Android App:

Smart online exam app is an android application, using which students can attempt tests and see their results. You would see features like:

  • Student/Admin login
  • Test availability
  • Result section
  • Time-based questions
  • Admin Panel
  • Questions / tests / score panel
  • Notification section

Slowly with time, students have shifted to online classes and online exams. In such scenarios building an app that can be both smart and smooth for students to take exams is laudable.

Flow of Online Exam Application:

Now, let’s see the flow of exam application

You should design a home screen for the students which contains a bottom navigation bar. The bottom navigation bar should have three tabs:

  • Home
  • Exam
  • Profile

In the welcome screen, you shall provide an option for google sign-in. For this, you can use firebase authentication in this android project.

  • Home screen contains all the available and the coming tests for the student.
  • Exam section contains the current exam user is giving. Here all the questions shall appear.
  • Profile section gives user the option to see his details and log out from the app.
  • Result section shows the results of the user after he completes his test.

Project Prerequisites:

To develop this android project, you need to have a good knowledge of android studio and have hands-on experience. Further, you also need to understand android components, android services, and the SDK tools. We can classify the requirements as follows:

  1. Android Studio
  2. XML Layout designing
  3. Android Activities
  4. Object-Oriented Programming
  5. Java or Kotlin Programming
  6. Firebase and Realtime Database
  7. Android Fragments

If you satisfy the above prerequisites, then you are all set to go ahead with the project.

Download Online Exam Android App Code

Please download the source code of android online exam: Online Exam Android App Code

Project Description:

The online exam android project involves many sections that you need to know while you are hovering over the project.

  1. Manifest File: This file contains the declarations of the various android components and also has several permissions.
  2. Main Activity: This is the first screen that is available to the user.
  3. Resources: There are several resource files involved in the project.
    • Layouts: This contains all the XML-based designs.
    • Drawable: This contains static and vector images.
    • Strings: This file contains all the string declarations which you would be using in your projects.
    • Colors: These define all the colors which you may use in your projects.

Steps to Implement Online Exam Android App:

You need to follow the below given steps to implement the project. If you are creating your first project, please refer android hello world for step by step project creation and execution

Step 1: Unzip the project code (which you downloaded in the project download section) and open android studio.

Step 2: Click on Open an existing Project and select the project.

Step 3: You can see the project loaded on your android studio.

Step 4: We have to setup the backend for that app(We have to connect that app with firebase)

Step 5: Now, you can press the run button to test the application on the emulator or your device.

How to use the Online Exam App?

The online exam android application will look like:


Firstly, you see a login screen that seeks you to log in using your Gmail account. Now, after you successfully login into the application, then you can see the home screen.

The home screen shows you three options in the bottom navigation. One goes to Home, the other goes to the exam section, and the last to access your profile.

online exam home

You can click on the profile to access your profile or log out from the application.

Now you can select the exam you wish to give, and it will load the questions for you. You can see the timer below the question that indicates how much time you have to answer all the questions.

exam screen

After your exam finishes, you can see your result from the result option.

For admin tasks, you can log in to admin panel and perform activities like send notification, add questions, tests and see score

online exam admin panel

So our online exam android application is ready to deploy.


In this android project, we have successfully created online exam app. We discussed the requirements, application flow and understood how you could implement this on your Android Studio. I hope you enjoyed this project and found this helpful.

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