About Us

Today, in the tech industry, practical skills hold much more value than qualifications and theoretical knowledge. Even freshers and inexperienced candidates can succeed if they can showcase their skills practically in the correct manner. This is the reason projects are becoming more and more important for every professional out in the industry. 

Project gurukul is an online collection of projects in various technologies like python, R programming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We provide projects with detailed instructions, explanations, and source material as well. 

We aim to provide our readers with not just ideas on what they could make but to actually help them build it themselves and learn from that experience. All for free. We don’t ask for any fee or registration. We will not be asking for your information. Your thanks are rewarding enough for us.

Our mission

We wish to impart practical skills with our projects to as many individuals as we can. Helping them accelerate their careers in the right direction. With detailed projects and the excellent support of our team, we aim to become the prime hub for projects and practicals related to all technologies.