170+ Java Project Ideas – Your entry pass into the world of Java

Looking to build a career in Java? Want to strengthen your resume with multiple Java projects? Then this blog of Java project ideas is for you.

In this article, we have come up with long list of project ideas in Java which can be developed with the knowledge that you have gained about Java. Along with the project list, we will provide you detailed abstract of Java projects. You will get the project summary along with what it will do, how it will work, which technologies of Java will be used to develop it.

java project ideas

Java project ideas for beginners

1. Automatic Timetable generation

Java Project Idea: This project can be built to reduce manual work and extra time to create timetables in educational institutions. The timetable has to be generated in such a way that all the subjects are covered within the given time slots with the respective faculties and timings also must not overlap. This system automatically generates the scheduled timetable for faculties and students. There is an admin page. The admin can be either any faculty of the college or any other authorized employee.

After login, the admin can add faculty, subjects. In faculty details, he will give inputs like name, email id, and mobile number. Then, while adding subjects, he will enter the subject name, year, faculty name. Then after adding the required subjects and faculties, the admin can generate the timetable of a particular year and view it.

2. Hotel Management System

Java Project Idea: Hotel Management System is another beginner level Java project that has many functionalities in it. This system merges a man and a computer into a single entity to give an automated hotel management system. In the current scenarios, every activity inside a hotel takes place manually which is very tedious and time-consuming.

This system can handle all the activities automatically without manual labor. These activities include hotel inquiry, check booking status, room booking, food order, Bill generation, inventory management, and other necessary hotel management features.

The hotel manager now does not need to sit and give time to manage such activities on paper and registers. The customers can view and book the hotel rooms online and also can use the other hotel services by requesting them, the admin then approves or rejects the customers booking request.

3. Hostel Management System

Java Project Idea: Hostel Management System can be developed to ease and automate all the manual operations of hostels and its hostlers and visitors. It will have all the CRUD operations and use the concepts of MySql, JDBC, JSP, Servlets.

There are an admin and the students who live in the hostel. The admin or owner of the hostel can perform functions like view rooms, add rooms, issue id cards, view booking, and logout. He can add a room by giving the room number, floor number, number of beds, and fee.

The student needs to register into the system by giving all the personal details along with the photo and id proofs. The students can then login and view the room availability and see the status. They can send requests for any vacant room and can see the status of their request and admin can approve or reject their request according to his criteria.

4. Automatic Question Paper Generation System

Java Project Idea: The examination process is an important activity for educational institutions to assess students’ performance. For various examinations conducted in a year in any academic course; teachers need to generate a variety of question papers as per the university assessment requirements. It is very challenging for the teachers to cover all aspects of the course objectives and avoid duplication of questions in the subsequent exams. The developer has to design software that is very useful in colleges and schools.

It is a unique software that controls a huge database of questions and selects the questions from the database according to the question paper pattern. You can create a random question paper with this software anytime within seconds. There are several modules that a developer has to develop, like the control of the administrator and the control of the teacher, etc. We can store unlimited questions as per the storage capacity of the system. We surely tell you that this is a very interesting project and consists of lots of concepts related to the database and the algorithm of selecting the question.

5. Alumni Information System

Java Project Idea: You can also opt for developing this project if you are really interested to learn and practically implement the concepts of Java. Alumni Information System stores and maintains the database of each alumni associated with the particular college or institution. The admin can provide information about the alumni who have completed their education in a particular college. This information is helpful for getting the alumni information easily when required and also the alumni can be easily contacted for any event or meet without contacting any other channel of the alumni association. The alumni can also register themselves and connect with each other.

6. Online Tour and Travels Management System

Java Project Idea: The main objective of this Travel & Tourism project is to make the traveling easy and comfortable for the users right from finding the routes and buses to the booking of the tickets. In this project, we have two modules: admin, and user.

The admin in this system will log in with the valid username and password. The admin has the authority to add the bus routes by assigning the route ids and bus ids. He also adds the buses at particular times in different routes. Admin will also add the different travel agencies and while adding buses admin will fix the ticket price and the capacity of seats.

Finally, the user will register and log in and then find the appropriate routes and using the route id he will search the bus by giving all details like date of journey and type of seat, etc. After selecting the information the user will be headed to select seats in a view the selected seats will be displayed as red and then after successful payment the booking confirmation will be shown.

7. Insurance Management System

Java Project Idea: This project is to provide insurance services through an online interface. All the related policies and information about insurance is managed through this system. It tracks the details of all the customers and the company. The user can register themselves with relevant details and can view all the schemes and policies related to them and which suits them perfectly.

This system lets us get rid of the traditional old and manual system of insurance companies that are prone to security risks and malpractices and also require a lot of manual and paperwork. The customers can see the status of their current policies and schemes and can analyze their insurance status. The system also ensures efficiency, accuracy, and faster payment processing.

You need to have a proper knowledge of the server-side scripting concepts, Java beans, database operations using MySQL, and JDBC.

8. Blood Donation System

Java Project Idea: This is top major project that a beginner who wants to learn something new in Java can develop to impress the recruiter or faculty. The Blood Donation System is a Java-based Web Application that manages the information of Blood in a hospital or in an inventory. The system consists of an interface that provides blood to the needy people that actually need blood and also contains an interface on which a healthy person can donate their blood.

If we go in deep then the system also wants to communicate with the near hospitals to arrange the blood if an emergency occurs. Actually, if we talk about the system then it is just an interface that communicates with hospitals to exchange blood between the donors and the needy person. The system ultimately helps society and also provides a good understanding of the developer to learn new things in Java.

9. Online Examination/Quiz System

Java Project Idea: Online Examination or quiz system is a system that provides an online platform that helps educational institutions like coaching classes, schools, and colleges to prepare online quizzes and exams depending on the requirements like domain, the number of questions, difficulty level, etc. This system can be built with various technologies like JEE, JSE, JSTL for back end development and Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery, JSON, CSS, HTML for front end development and MySql for managing the databases.

There is an interface for students so that they can give a real-time exam or quiz. There are three entities in this system: faculty, user, and admin.

The faculty and student can register themselves in the system and the admin manages all the registered students and faculties; he can verify, delete, or view students and faculties. He also has the permission to delete the quiz. If we talk about the faculty interface then the faculty has the right to create, view, update, and delete the question paper. Faculties also have permission to view the results, append questions, and send a notification to students. The user is the student who has to attempt the exam. The student can view the subjects and practice MCQs. A student can also register and apply for a particular quiz and see the recent activities. He can also view the results of his exam and all the notifications related to the exams.

10. An hour-wise lecture tracking system

Java Project Idea: This is another web-based project for computer science students that you can opt for enhancing your knowledge in Java. It is useful for very large educational campuses and institutions where it becomes very difficult to locate any lecturer where he/she might be taking the lecture. Also if there are any changes or updates in the regular classroom, then also it is difficult to get the update in a short time that can lead the student to miss the lecture. Also, there is a need to manually travel the whole campus if the faculty needs an empty classroom that turns into a waste of time.

This system is developed to handle and resolve all such problems. Using this system, now it would be easy to know the location of the lecturer and also find the availability of the classrooms on the campus. Also, if a student missed any lecture due to some reason, then he can view the lecture in the form of a pdf or doc file which is uploaded by the lecturer after the completion of the lecture. There is a proper time table which is regularly maintained and updated by the faculties. The students can register and login to the system and can view all the details regarding their lectures, schedules, and classrooms and can track each lecture.

Java Projects for Final Year Students (CSE/IT)

1. Online gas Management system

Java Project Idea: This system provides the online gas services to users by providing an interface to book for the gas from the registered gas agency. To develop this project, you have to use JavaScript, Servlets, JSP, and JDBC. This system helps to smoothen the conversation and connection between different gas dealers, customers, and the company.

There are three main entities in this system. They are admin, dealer, and customer. The admin manages the locations, provides application forms to register dealers, accepts dealer applications, maintains the number of connections for the dealer. The dealer has to manage all the customers connected with him. He provides online booking facilities for the gas, receives and accepts the requests from customers for gas accessories and transfers them from one location to another. Customers are the users who use services of this system. They can request for gas, and also request for changing the current address.

2. Food ordering system

Java Project Idea: This is another cool project that helps you to understand the core concepts of the Java Programming Language. The Food Order System is the project which is totally related to the restaurant management and deals with the requirements of the restaurant. The developer needs to develop an interface that deals with the restaurant and then communicates with it to complete the order. The application consists of the database of food that a user has to place. When a user places an order then the application communicates with the restaurants to place the users’ order.

If a developer needs to develop this application then it needs to have a knowledge of database, socket programming, and also about the webforms developed by Java Programming Language. The application is very large but be sure if you opt it then it really helps you to get good knowledge about Java Programming Language

3. College Bus Facility System

Java Project Idea: This is another beginner level project for computer science in Java that you can choose to take your theoretical concepts to real implementation. This system provides a tool for different colleges to manage their bus facilities. The colleges can easily maintain bus information. This system provides different operations such as storing information about buses, different routes of buses, student information, and bus pass, etc. It stores and maintains all the information related to the bus and the students.

In this system, there is an admin and the user who takes the bus facility of the college. The admin can perform operations like data entry and maintain all the bus routes and schedules. During the data entry, the admin will enter all the details of the student such as name, id, year, semester, fee status, bus time, bus number, bus route, bus stop, etc. The admin can also search the data of a student with the receipt number. The user can see their bus details and also the fee status. It will require database knowledge and web development technologies.

4. Online Retail Management System

Java Project Idea: The online retail management system is an application that is useful for retailers and shopkeepers to carry out its store operations in an automated way. It is a single-user system that is used by the owner of the retail shop. There can be a desktop application developed with the help of Swing and AWT and database. The user can perform operations of the stock or the product by adding, updating, and deleting them. He can also search the products with their product id or name. There is a functionality to generate bills for the customers just by selecting the purchased item and adding the quantity. The bill will be generated by the customer name and can be printed.

If there are many servants or employees working in the retail store, then the owner can also keep the record of daily attendance of each employee and also add their salary status into it in a monthly manner.

Moreover, he can also view all the records of supplies and purchases of the stock. Therefore all the records of the products, stock, employees, and bills are managed into a single system without any paperwork or lengthy calculations at the manual level.

5. Online Exam Invigilation system

Java Project Idea: The Online Exam Invigilation System is another beginner level project idea in Java. This system presents an automated system of exam invigilation processes. There will be a solution to the present manual process in which the particular in charge of the examination system had to allocate the rooms to faculties and students that wasted a lot of time and effort and also created a lot of confusion. After developing this system, everything will be done automatically with accuracy.

In the system, there will be three roles: admin, faculty, and the student. The admin has to login to the system with a valid username and password. The admin can do operations like adding details of faculty and students. The admin will also enter the details of the rooms and allocates the rooms to faculty and also to the students with proper details.

The faculty also has to login to the application with valid credentials and faculty can view the room allotted to him/her and also can view all the details of the students.

The students also have to login to system using username and password and they can view the room which is allocated to them for giving the exam with all the details of the room.

6. Online Parking system

Java Project Idea: The main aim of this project is to provide all the functionalities of the real parking system in an automated way. This system manages all the details related to the parking system, for example, managing parking fees, parking types, duration, vehicles, slots and the customers using the parking services. The customers can search the parking slots on the basis of their vehicle types, duration, and fees. This system reduces manual work and labor for managing Parking activities.

7. Student Performance Tracking System

Java Project Idea: Student Performance Tracking System is a web-based application developed using Java, HTML, and MySQL Database. This application provides an easy way for students to search the details of projects and details of their academic attendance and marks percentage details. They can also visualize their performance details with the help of graphs. Students can search the projects with project title or with guide name or with the year.

Admin can log in by entering a valid username and password. Admin can view all the details of the users and need to authorize them. Admin can upload projects by giving all the details of the project. Admin can add all the details of student’s attendance and percentage marks. Admin can view added students and the progress of each student in the graph.

The student needs to enter all the details in the registration form. The student should be authorized by the admin to login to the application. A student can search for projects based on the title, year, and guide name. Students can view all the details of his/her attendance and marks. Students can view graphs for their attendance and marks.

8. Online Medical Shop Management System

Java Project Idea: The online medical shop management system is another project that manages all the medical shop records. This project is a web-based project that uses web development technologies like Javascript, JSP, and servlets. In this system, there are mainly two entities: admin and user.

Admin has full control over the system and manages all the medicines and stock available at his medical store. He can add, update, delete different kinds of medicines. But, to use the system, both admin and user have to register and login to the system. Admin will enter details like medical name, address, owner name, contact number, etc. While adding the medical records, he will enter each detail of the medicine with its name, type, content, expiry date, and rate.

Users can log in and choose medicines according to the type or name and also make a request to purchase the same. All the stock records and medicine details can be viewed by the admin.

9. Automatic Course Management System

Java Project Idea: The main aim of developing this project is to provide a live interactive virtual classroom site for online courses importing affordable learning. This web application gives an opportunity to the students to get advantages of personalized learning. It offers course modules, assignment & performance tests to master the subject.

The main objective of delivering one of the most technologically advanced qualities online tutoring platforms. This automated system is time-saving and provides better performance than the manual based system. The students are encouraged to think critically & support their opinions.

10. Movie Ticket Booking System

Java Project Idea: The online movie ticket booking system is based on Java servlets, JSP (Java Server Pages), HTML, and database. This system allows users to book movie tickets through an online mode. They can view all the information about a particular theatre and view the movie timings and available seats with the price. But the user needs to first register to the system in order to use it.

There will be an admin who will manage details regarding the movies and also has authority to register the customers. The seating arrangement will be presented in the form of a layout that clearly shows the booked seats and the vacant seats so the user can easily choose the vacant seats.

Java Project Ideas for Computer Science

1. Chat Application

Java Project Idea: This is an interesting project that can be developed using Java Swing. The chat application provides an interface where the users can chat with each other. The graphical user interface of the system can be built using the swing package of Java. The user needs to register himself and then login with username and password. This project requires the strong concepts of Socket programming in Java. Developing this chat application is one of the most popular network programming projects for Java beginners.

2. Online Newspaper System

Java Project Idea: Building an online platform that allows people to read news from around the world is a good idea. One can start working on it today and grab the desired job by impressing recruiters. It is one of the best Java project plans for the students. While using this system, the user/reader has to login to the system and the reader can choose the domain of the news and can read a particular newspaper. Users can easily update themselves with the latest updates going into the world. There is an admin panel, a user panel, and the news feed module.

Admin is a person who updates the news for their readers and manages all the users that are logged in to the system. He can also set access for viewing the news for the users whom he wants to restrict for reading.

The users are the readers who can access the system by login to the system and read the news according to their choices like language, domain or a topic.

The news feed panel shows all the updated news that the admin updates from his end. It has many sections and each section has a particular domain.

3. Employee Rewarding System

Java Project Idea: This is another simple but an interesting project idea that you can work upon Java at a beginner level. An employee is one of the most primary factors of any organization to lead its path towards achieving the goals.

This system helps the organization to encourage its employees who really work hard by appreciating them with the rewards and benefits. The target is set by the admin and the achievements are added into the database of each employee if they complete the target in the given time period. At the end of the month, the performance of each employee is analyzed and there is sorting according to their performance and the number of targets achieved. The whole information is stored in a database and is managed by the admin. The system can be modeled according to requirement and criteria of the organization.

4. Online Book Store

Java Project Idea: The Online Book Store System is a top Java web based project that can be designed mainly for bookstores and shops to automate their book’s sale and purchase process. This can be developed by using JSP and MySql. There will also be a use of XML files for transferring the data to the server. It will be a reliable and online platform for bookselling. The user can borrow or buy a book and also can search a book and can add books to the cart. The admin will register the users and handle all the requests of the users.

5. Online Fee Management System

Java Project Idea: The online fee management system is a Java web-based project that helps the fee management department of any educational institute to manage the fee details of students in an efficient and automated way. There is only one user and that is the admin. The admin is the accountant who can perform activities like add, view, delete, or update a student. He can also check the fee status of each student just by searching with his name or roll number. All the fee record history of each student is maintained in the system.

6. Simple Snake game

Java Project Idea: Yes you can build a Simple Snake game with the concepts of core Java on your own. It just requires a pretty good knowledge of AWT and swing packages of Java and the basic programming concepts of Java. The game is 2-dimensional and is the replica of an old and classic game which was used to be the most trending games. Each time the snake eats the apples or any fruit, it grows automatically and when it touches its own body or the walls of the screen, then it dies and the game ends. This project will definitely set a good example of game-based projects in Java.

7. Online Complaint Management System

Java Project Idea: The online complaint management system is a centralized system that provides solutions for users by taking their requests, complaints, and grievances. It processes their issues through an online portal. The public can post their petitions or complaints on the site and get them resolved in a specific time and they can also view the status of their request. It can be developed for any domain such as a government organization, or a private company, or any educational or medical institutions.

8. Online Discussion Forum System

Java Project Idea: Online Discussion Forum System is another simple project idea that provides a platform for the people to share their problems and discuss the solutions for them. The users can post their doubts and or ask questions and can answer for the other user’s questions. It will be useful for any organization or institute or any group of people to organize it effectively where the problem and suggestions of each member are accepted and resolved.

9. Online Property Dealing System

Java Project Idea: The Online Property Dealing system is a web-based solution for managing all the property dealing processes in an automated and organized manner. It helps the property dealers, agents to effectively manage their property dealing business by maintaining a robust database of the sites and the customers. They can store information related to every property available for rent or sale. It provides a quick booking and account handling process. The clients or users can view all the details of the property along with its location, size, price, current owner name, registry details, etc and can book the property just in a few clicks. They can also search the property according to the category, location, and price.

10. Online Car Rental System

Java Project Idea: The Online Car Rental system is a one-touch web-based system that helps to remotely find a car for rent in a particular city or town. The system allows you to find the car sitting from any location and book it for rent for a particular duration. The system will provide each detail of the car, drivers, route of the car, and price for the ride. The customers can book the car for the rent by providing all the necessary details. This is for sure a unique Java project that a Java beginner should definitely give a try.

Java Project Topics List

In addition to the above java projects, here is a humongous Java project topic list for final year students to strengthen the resume and become Java professional. You can develop a graduation project in Java. Some of these topics would be basic mini projects, game projects, core Java projects, web-based applications.

It’s a time to take your Java skills to a whole new level with these projects:

  • Online logo creator in java
  • Image to text converter
  • Payment billing project
  • E health care management system
  • Online magazine
  • Online document management system
  • College connect mini project
  • Domain search engine
  • Transport company project in java
  • Virtual classroom
  • Electricity billing system
  • Bus scheduling and booking system
  • Online survey system
  • Database explorer java final year project
  • Feedback form
  • Connect globe java project
  • Job portal project in java
  • Email client software
  • e-learning – intermediate java project
  • Online gym in java
  • RSS feed reader
  • Font detector/finder
  • Online banking project CSE java project with code
  • Weather information system project in java
  • Event management system
  • Intranet mail system a java project
  • Html color code finder
  • Online quiz project Java project for beginners
  • Airline reservation system project in java
  • Farmers buddy for practice
  • Human resource management a java project for engineering students
  • Breakout game in java
  • Photo lab management system
  • Online spell checker
  • City classified and search
  • Harmful mail scanning in Java
  • File transfer and chat
  • Error control system in network environment a java project
  • Online food ordering & recommendation
  • Smart city project for practice
  • Online test and grading system
  • Image compressor
  • Online library project in Java
  • Atm management system project
  • Cyberspace intermediate Java project
  • XML compactor
  • Pharmacy project in java
  • Currency converter – core java project
  • Knowledge evaluator software
  • Ajax browser a java project
  • Voice compressor software
  • Online CA – cool Java project
  • Web server management system for engineering students
  • Company mailer project
  • Prisoner face detecting system intermediate project
  • Library management system
  • Effective key generation for multimedia
  • Baby care project for practice
  • Google search engine filter
  • Mail server java project with code
  • Automatic fuzzy ontology generation
  • Pdf converter project in java
  • Library management system mini project
  • Virtual classroom project in java
  • Network packet sniffer
  • Voice chatting and video conferencing – cool Java project
  • Broadcasting chat server project
  • Online exam java source code
  • Number guessing game core java projects
  • Text to HTML converter – interesting Java project
  • Student information system
  • Online security staff booking
  • Airlines reservation system
  • Online attendance management system
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Fee report – java projects for resume
  • Bug tracking system java project with code
  • Online bank management system
  • Language emulator core java project
  • Fee management mini project
  • Career information management system
  • Online book store
  • Twitter sentiment analysis in Java
  • Tic tac toe game in Java
  • Chess game project Java
  • eLibrary – Java web application projects
  • Course management system
  • Online customer care and service center
  • Smarter work strategy
  • Mailcasting java projects for resume
  • Online auction
  • Exam system
  • Data visualization software
  • Typing patterns a java project
  • Online book store java web application projects
  • Telecom management system java CSE project
  • Online medical portal a Java project
  • File explorer in java
  • Notepad in java
  • Digital steganography core Java project
  • Supply chain management system
  • Mac ethernet address detector
  • Image classification in java
  • Online training & placement cell
  • Biometric electronic booth project in java
  • Automatic file update
  • Mp4 video converter
  • Color detection in java
  • Online share portal
  • File searching system in java
  • Generate password in java
  • CSS color and image annotator


Java being an evergreen language is at the heart of every programmer. Now the question is how to stay ahead of the crowd and become job ready? The answer is real-time projects.

We have listed tons of Java projects in this article, based on your requirements you can choose an idea from the given project list and start working on live projects.

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