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Hi everyone! Welcome to Project Gurukul, in this article, we’ll give you some of the best Android Project Ideas. The project ideas that we are providing below aims at widening your thoughts and encouraging you to think out of the box. Once you start doing so, it will become your habit that is a good one to have. All these project ideas are easy to implement on Android Studio IDE. The front end of these would need to use Java programming, XML, HTML, CSS, and JSON.

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Android Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Sudoku

Android project Ideas: Sudoku is one of the most popular games that is played by most of the users of all ages around the world. This game is a puzzle that makes it interesting for the users to use it. Earlier, this game was only for the computer systems, but it has become a trend even for mobile devices. This game can be played by only one user.

The only module for this game is its user. The user does not need to register themselves with the app as they can play the game anytime by just entering their names if they like. This game has rows and columns that is a grid of 9X9. In each cell, users need to enter a number between 1-9. And there should not be the same number more than once in a row or a column, and that is the task.

2. Online Grocery Store

Android Project Ideas: Online Grocery store app is an idea that helps the people to get their groceries home delivered. This application will be for the residents to order groceries from the nearest grocery store. With this application, even the workers of the stores can deliver the orders as they will be within the range.
You will need Android Studio, and for programming, you can use either Java or Kotlin. For the user interface, you can use XML or JSON. For local databases, SQLite can be integrated.

There will be two modules: the Store and the User. They’ll need to log in using their credentials. The users would need to give them their address so that the delivery can be made. It will have the payment facility through Paytm or cash on delivery. Cash on delivery is an option as many local vendors do not use online payment methods.

3. Android AI Diet Consultant

Android Project Ideas: This Artificial Intelligence-based dietician project is an application for human diets. It acts as a diet consultant that is similar to a real dietician. This system will act in the same way as that of a dietician. The users would need to give some information to the dietician like body type, weight, height, and working hour details to know the proper diet plan. Similarly this system will also provide a diet plan according to the information given by the user. The system will process the given data and provide a diet plan to the user.

This project will have a login page where the user requires to register. This project will need internet access during the processing of data, thus this will be a disadvantage if the server fails. It will give accurate results based on the data entered by the users. therefore, the users should enter the correct details. Processing takes place depending on some metrics already known to the app using which a diet plan will be generated. The system will then confirm if the users accept the diet plan. If they do not accept it, the system will give an alternative diet plan as well.

4. Blood Collection App

Android Project Idea: This application will help keep track of the people who are ready to donate blood in case required. This application will also be in touch with the blood centers to check the availability of the required blood groups.

This application will be implemented using Android Studio. There will also be a database for the app using SQLite. The language required would be Java/ Kotlin. The user interface can be built using XML/JSON.
The users are supposed to register themselves in the application. Then they can select if they want to be Donors. And those who require blood can search for it. And they can contact them.

5. Trip Planner App

Android Project Idea: The trip planner application is for all the travelers out there, who are so much into traveling. It aims at planning the trips for all travel enthusiasts. All those users would need to do is sign up and register themselves on it. Once registered, they can plan their trips accordingly with the help of the app. They’d need to enter the place, and they’ll be shown the nearby visiting places as a result. The app will help them manage their booking in Hotels and will provide offers as well.

This app can be built using Android Studio, Java, and XML. It will have various modules that are the users, the hotels, and the partners. It will also have the search bar and associated google maps to help the users.
The users would need to sign up, and login, and the hotels would need to register themselves. The user would be provided with the details of the Hotels and the visiting place. Once they make a plan, they can also pre-book the hotel.

6. Job Portal Application

Android Project Idea: This application will be focused on helping people find jobs. It will have companies and industries which have job opportunities. It will have the users who can find the jobs of their interests. Also, they can search for the job according to the profession and the city where they want the job. The companies will update the job opportunities that arise.

The application can be made using Android Studio, Java, and XML. There would be two modules that are the user and the company. The company will provide all their required details so the user can view them. Also, the company would need to update their profile with the latest adapted things. The users can find the companies and contact them for further response.

7. Child Tracking System

Android Project Ideas: This is a solution to track children with the help of GPS technology. This application will use two main services that are: GPS and telephonic services. The GPS is responsible for location services of the device, and telephony services are responsible for SMS, call logs, and contact information. Using this application, parents can keep track of their children’s location.

For this app to work, the Internet of the devices must always be ON as it will enable communication between children and parents. This design of this system is in a simple way with an easy user interface. It will be a user-friendly approach on both sides. The requirement for this app is that both parents and the children must have a smartphone with GPS. This application can then be very useful to track the location as well as call logs, messages, and contact of the child’s device. There is a reason for choosing Android for this app, and that is Android has a wide range of users, and it can reach more and more users.

8. Android Based Self Attendance System with OTP

Android Project Ideas: This is an amazing attendance system that should be available in every organization. It has taken Attendance recording ideas to the next level and has evolved with better solutions from how it was earlier. In our proposed system we will make a Self attendance application using OTP. In this system, there will be three modules that are:

  1. The admin who’ll be responsible for adding class, subjects, teachers, and the students.
  2. The teacher who will take the attendance
  3. The student who will mark his/her presence and can see the previous records.

The working of this system starts when the teacher selects the class for attendance. After the teacher selects a class, One-time password will be generated. This OTP will last for 60 seconds, and Students would need to enter it through their apps. Once the OTP expires, only the teacher can make changes in the attendance, if any, and submit the attendance.

Advanced Android Project Ideas

9. Face Authentication app using Microsoft cognitive service

Android Project Ideas: Face Authentication will make use of Facial recognition technology that has an impactful and positive effect these days. This technology is useful for many applications that safeguards user’s personal information. So our Face authentication application will use the camera of the device to detect the facial features. These features are then stored in the database.

This application will use the Face Group Verification API. This API is by Microsoft’s Cognitive Service and uses a Firebase Realtime Database. It provides algorithms that are useful for detecting, recognizing, and analyzing human facial features. The realtime database will allow secure access to the database directly from the client-side.
We will have two modules that are:

  1. Add Facial features: It will let the users add their facial features.
  2. Recognize Faces feature: It will help the users in recognizing the face for authentication.

10. Tour Recommendation System

Android Project Idea: The tour recommendation system is developed to provide information related to a particular place. The data includes all the information, guides, hotels, nearby places, and reviews. This project mainly aims at helping the tourist mostly when they have no idea or plan of where they can visit next.

To develop this application, you can use Android Studio as the platform for app development. Other required tools are xampp for PHP. SQLite for database locally. JSON or XML for the front end that is for the interface part.
The system will be having only one module that is the user. The user can register, login, view details, and search places. They can also post, delete, and update the tourism details.

11. Online Smart Business

Android Project Idea: It is a small approach towards automating the ledges of retailers, distributors as well as the Stockists. It will also make them overcome the stress that they face due to their investments and their analysis. This project deals with the marketing and requirement strategies for the clients. These strategies and plans differ from client to client and place to place.

The requirements of this application project is an Android development platform and the language supported by that platform. Like Android Studio IDE with knowledge of Java for functioning of the application. Plus, basic knowledge of XML for user interface design.
The modules here are four in total, and these 4 modules are Admin, Retailer, Distributor, and the Stockist. They would need to register on the application in order to use them.

12. Leave management system

Android Project Idea: Leave management system is developed for smooth mechanization of leave data for examination and detailing. The work process becomes better with the correct database that has representative leave history amid login and takes into account leave. This project will help keep track of the leaves of employees in a great manner along with its proper management.

This project would need Android Studio to develop the application for Android. Another required thing would Java and XML. Java is required for the application functionality and XML for User Interface of the application.

There are three modules for this project that are-
1. The admin that manages all the accounts and gets details of all accounts, respectively.
2. The manager will be able to check the details of the employee, including their details and leave so far. Also, they can accept or reject their leave requests.
3. Employees would be able to check their own details and the leaves made so far.

13. Voice assistant for visually impaired

Android Project Ideas: This voice assistant is an innovative system for visually impaired people. It will help them to have access to most of the important features of the phone while enhancing its quality and making use of speech to text. The system will also have a custom messaging feature having inbox, call log, notes, battery level checker, and also a reminder. This system will support its users by helping them know their current position and speaking out to them. This system will read out the messages for the users as well, along with the details of who sent it and when. It will also help the users to note down the things or the points that are important and listen to them later. If there is a call or a notification from someone, the system will read the name or number out.

14. Advanced CRM App

Android Project Ideas: CRM system is useful to manage any company’s interactions with current and future customers. This app involves using technology to prepare, automate, and synchronize the marketing, client service, as well as technical support of the organization. The products of CRM come with some features and tools. The organization decides the product to support their company desires.

In this project, there will be two modules that are, the admin and the sales executive. Admin can log in using credentials and see the dashboard that has a record of calculation of the past 6 months. Admin can also add, update, or delete sales executive details and also manage data of all the products. On the other hand, the Sales executive can view their sales data for the last six months and also view all the leads. This app will also display the next month’s sales prediction details.

15. Personal Diary App

Android Project Ideas: This Personal diary project in android will help its users to maintain and create their contacts as well as personal records. It will also work as voice assistance to its users. This personal diary management system makes use of different custom layouts and speech to text. This application lets the users keep a note of personal things as well as let them use it as a daily personal diary. It is not possible at times for us to carry a diary and a pen everywhere with us and nor is it convenient. Therefore this application is useful.

This application will have only one module that is the user. The user here can note down whatever they wish to add and store. To store the data of this app on the device, use SQLite, and also the users can upload their data on the cloud so they can access it from anywhere on any device.

16. Location finder using Cloud Vision API

Android Project Ideas: This project idea will be useful to detect a location through text or even a logo. As soon as the user clicks a picture or a logo, Cloud vision API extracts the details and gives more details about it. Thus this application helps its users to be at ease and find whatever they like, be it a place, some information, or a location.

For this project to work, the cloud vision API processes the image and extracts everything possible. With this, it helps the user to get the utmost help and gather more and more information with the help of google. When the user tries to find a location using the logo or entering text related to the location, Cloud vision API extracts the details related to it.

17. Geo-Fencing App

Android Project Ideas: Geofencing is a location-based service that makes use of GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular data to trigger a pre-programmed action. This action takes place as soon as the mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary. This boundary is set up around a geographical location, which is known as a geofence. Geofencing technology gives an accuracy of 100-200 meters only. This application combines the user’s current location with the user’s proximity to the locations of interest.

The proximity can be adjusted by adding the radius. And to add the user’s interest, longitude and latitude are specified. These three parameters are longitude, latitude, and radius defines a geofence, creating a circular area around it. In one app there can be 100 geofences at max. Thus, whenever that area is entered or exited, the notification will be fired.

18. e-Gas agency system

Android Project Idea: This project of e-Gas agency system is based on booking gas barrels online and at any time. This will eliminate the difficulties faced by the clients to place their bookings. This will have a client login page and the admin login. The admin will have control over the no. of client accounts and their subtitles.

To develop this application you would need to make use of Android Studio IDE as the platform to create it. The user would need to login and verify their numbers. For the functionality and interface, Java programming and XML will be used respectively.

There are two modules for this that are – The Admin and the user. The user would be able to log in and check their registration, cylinder bookings and booking history. The users will also receive timely notifications for the account balances and deliveries.

19. Graphical password authentication system

Android project Ideas: The Graphical password authentication system is a very secured digital authentication system. It plays a huge role in protecting our device and the data stored in it. So, in this project, the new thing is its pattern unlocking system in order to make the password even more secure. The technique of Persuasive Cued Click Point (PCCP) is useful so that this system becomes even more protected. This will ensure the use of authenticated passwords and protect easily.

As we use Persuasive Cued Click Points for generating the password, the user has to click on the images to unlock it. This PCCP technique divides the image into 8*8 grids. After selecting the image, it will authenticate the user’s contact number using OTP. Then the user will select 1 point from each image, which was selected when registering. After that, the user will choose all the apps that he/ she wants to lock. The Authenticated user can also change the image and password.


In this tutorial, we have given you the best Android project ideas. These ideas will help you in your academic project as well as for improving android development skills. We hope you liked these and we wish you all the best.

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